Welcome to the builder basics template!

Build and publish a test page fast

1.  Follow the steps below, delete instructions (including this intro), save and publish
     (don’t worry—it will only be visible to you)
2.  Complete for desktop, then swap to mobile with the tab at the bottom of this window
3.  Drag in page elements from the widget panel on the left as needed

Optional: Double click to update your company tagline


Double click to update this headline

Double click to update your unique value proposition. 

 (see the Properties Panel under ‘Button Label’)

Click once to update this background image:

A. Go to the Properties Panel (on the right) and scroll to ‘Background’

B. In the ‘Style’ drop down, select image and choose or upload one you like.





Double click below to update your form fields.

*Note: Include this form for a lead gen page, simply remove it if you want a click-through page.

* Remember: Delete instructions or images as needed.

Double click to update this testimonial. Check out the example to the right.



"A big part of our process is about validation and details, but speed to market is also key."


Drag a new page section here from the widget panel.

*Note: New page sections are optional, but are a great way to make space for new elements.


Let's practice copy and paste! Copy a testimonial from Step 6 and paste it in the new section you created in Step 7

To multi-select, hold down‘Shift’ and Copy & Paste using keyboard commands:  (‘⌘c ‘⌘v’ for mac or ‘cntrl c’  ‘cntrl v’ for PC)


* Remember: Delete instructions or images as needed.

You’re almost there! Steps 10 to 12 are located in mobile view of this template. 


Congrats, you’re almost there! 

Now that you’ve finished your mobile view, tidy up your landing page by deleting template instructions or unneeded page sections.

Your desktop and mobile views are connected. 

Moving desktop elements between page sections will alter mobile and vice versa.

Hold ‘cmd’ or ‘ctrl’ and then drag an element to a new section to avoid changes.

Moving items within sections won’t affect the other view.

Mobile Tip

Think of your mobile view as a condensed summary of desktop. 

A. Expand the content tree to the left

B. Select the visibility icon beside the elements you’d like to show or hide. 

Hide elements as needed

All page elements should sit inside the blue page guides. Anything outside is highlighted in red.

Layout Assistant helps you get inside the bounds fast.

Good Job!

A. Navigate to Page Properties 

B. Under Layout Assistant, click “Entire Page”. Or select a page section, and apply to a section at a time.

Let’s publish (don’t worry it will only be visible to you). 

A. Click ‘Save’, 

B. Navigate back to the Page Overview screen 

C. Click Publish